I have an interesting story. As most of you know, usually my reviews are via video. Mountainsmith was kind enough to send us the Borealis AT Backpack for review as always, we took the bag into the field for analysis.  Everything went great, the bag was awesome and as we start journey home, the empty bag was lost somewhere between the mountains and home LOL. I was mortified about what to do, and I was questioning the validity of how this review would go, so I made an arrangement with the administration at Mountainsmith to give the best written review possible.

  Now, Mountainsmith is no stranger to camera gear OR the outdoors. That said, the quality and performance of the 2 combined into a bag to carry the very gear into the best and worst conditions was unmatched. The company is known for making camera bags for a long time now and make no shortcuts in the quality of their many products.

In my experience, there are generally two types of photographers that backpack. There are those that go backpacking and like to take some photos along the way. Essentials are essential and the photographers try to carry only the most important items along. Then there are the second group of photographers. These are the people who go out to take photos and backpacking is just the way to get those shots.

   For hiking and backpacking, the Borealis AT will appeal to both groups equally. The details and makeup of the bag make it very evident that it is first and foremost a camera bag. The entire bottom half of the bag is dedicated to camera equipment. This will comfortably hold a standard size SLR, 3 lenses, a flash, and a couple small accessories. The hip belt has filter and memory card slots so you can easily access any accessories you need, and there is a very nice tripod holder on the outside of the pack.

Camera gear in the Borealis ATAt the same time, the usual hiking touches are included. The side pockets will hold a pair of hiking poles nicely and there’s also a rain cover included for rainy. There is also a fleece lined sunglass pocket on the side for those bright and sunny days. There is no shortage of padding on the comfortable shoulder straps and the center tether is fully adjustable for maximum security and stabilization. Also, there is a laptop sleeve built into the bag, and will also hold a camelback with the hose routed through the shoulder strap. 

Hip beltThis bag isn’t for everyone however. Due to the placement of the camera section in the bag, you must take it off to access any of your equipment. If this doesn’t fit your shooting style, it may be a problem. You can also pair this bag with a holster style bag and then be able to bring along quite a few more lenses and a tripod. At just under $200.00, the Borealis AT isn’t cheap. It’s roughly the same price as a full size backpack. However, this is a well constructed bag that I would trust to keep my camera equipment safe. In my mind, spending an extra $50 on a backpack that will protect a $1000 lens in a fall is money well spent.

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thinkTank Airport International V2.0 Review!!!

BlackRapid RS-Sport Review!!!

BlackRapid Giveaway!!!

New BlackRapid RS-Sport Arrived Today!!!

Today I got the new BlackRapid RS-Sport and it is nothing short of incredible. I will be shooting its video sometime this week so be looking out for it.  ALSO, we will be having a contest to win one of these straps so stay tuned for the details on how to win!!!

New thinkTank Bag on the WAY!!!

We will be starting a new project for the month of may. It will highlight photographers who carry their laptops ON-LOCATION with them as a crucial need to their photo shoots. The first bag we will showcase is the Urban Disguise 60 from thinkTank Photo!!! Be looking out on the blog for the video to release because its going to be CRAZY cool! ALSO, the Airport International V2.0 video will be up sometime tomorrow so keep an eye out for that one as well. Have a great day and well see you this weekend!!! 🙂

thinkTank Retrospective 30 Review!!!

BlackRapid RS7 Review :)

Yesterday I received the RS7 from BlackRapid!!! This camera strap is a complete work of art. It combines comfort and functionality without compromising ANYTHING. The weight distribution alone is enough to sell on its own, but if that’s not enough for you the quick release connector, the camera “brake”, and the layout of this beast will… RS7 is worn diagonally from the shoulder, across the chest, and to your side. It is the most innovative camera strap to ever be developed!!! When worn the camera is by your side, upside down, with the lens behind pointing you away from people, objects, or whatever you can imagine that could cause damage to your lenses…  With the camera at your hip or behind your back, you can maneuver easily through a crowd, carry a tripod or other gear, or simply have both hands free. When you’re ready to take the shot, the camera quickly glides up the strap into shooting position. The locking FastenR connects the RS7 to the tripod socket on either the camera body or the lens. Once connected, the camera hangs upside down, resting securely at your side or in the small of your back, with the lens pointing behind you. I would recommend this strap to ANYONE, whether the be pro or not. The functionality of the RS7 is compatible and adaptable for anyone, any environment, and any job. To find out more about the RS7 from BlackRapid, visit their website HERE

BlackRapid RS7 Review in 2 Days!!!

The Black Rapid RS7 arrived TODAY!!! and I will post my full review in 2 days 🙂

Dolica MT-700 Review!!!

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The MT-700 from Dolica is truly a hard-nosed, rugged tripod for photographers and videographers alike. I received the MT-700 about a week ago and immediately started to utilize it. I wanted to see what this tripod could actually handle as I put it through the elements so I headed off to the mountains. I failed to mention that I am not a videographer, but a pro photographer. I was curious as to how the MT-700 would perform for me using a DSLR camera. I arrive in the mountains and jump out with my camera bag on one shoulder, and the supplied carrying bag supporting the MT-700. Personally I put the MT-700 through the ringer. We literally utilized every single scenario we could come up with including how the MT-700 positions and remains stable on rocks with uneven surfaces, wind, extreme cold, and setup/take down time. The MT-700 performs exceptionally well under all these conditions, especially when on uneven surfaces. The center of gravity totally “glues” the MT-700 to the ground and if that’s not enough, MT-700 also features a load hook on the bottom of the center mast to attach a sandbag or counter-weight.

The MT-700 features a Hydraulic-Fluid head which I was completely impressed with. The attachable control arms make for super-smooth and fluent panning and tilting motion throughout the 360 degree pan radius of the MT-700.  Another very cool feature of the MT-700 is the “gearless” center post, offering smooth unrestricted elevation and lowering of your camera. The MT-700 also sports a bubble level mounted on the head, ensuring that every shot is dead-on as well as both 1/4″ and 3/8″ thread mounting screws to fit ANY CAMERA. Above all I give the MT-700 Five Stars for quality, versatility, and over all function. It also looks very, very cool as well (lol). Dolica absolutely raised the bar and cut no corners in making this tripod and I’m so excited about using this tripod for years to come. GREAT JOB DOLICA!!!


  • Operating Height: 65.4″ max, 10.2″ min
  • Weight: 9.4 lbs. with a max load of 17.6 lbs.
  • Panoramic angle: 360 Degrees, Ball tilt angle: -85 & 90 Degrees
  • Dust and Moisture Resistant “Quick Release Leg Locks”
  • 3 Locking Positions for the Legs
  • High Tensile Aluminum Poles
  • Hydraulic-Fluid Head with pan and tilt lock

If you want to learn more about the Dolica MT-700 Tripod you can visit their site HERE!!! If your convinced that your ready to purchase this bad-boy you can get it HERE… Please subscribe for all the latest and greatest in Pro Photo Gear and well see ya next time 🙂

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